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General Information

Address & Phone

  • Address:4th Floor, Point Cruz Arcade Building, Hibiscus Avenue, Point Cruz, Honiara
  • Phone:(677)22953,23641,21073
  • Phone(emergency number):(677)7491621,7494469
      ※Out of hours the emergency, please contact the emergency number.
  • FAX:(677)21006
  • E-mail: japan-embassy-solomon@sm.mofa.go.jp


Offices hours(Monday to Friday) ※Except for the Official Closure Dates

  • Opening Hours

  • Visiting Hours(Consular & Visa)
      08:30-12:00, 13:00-16:30



Official Holiday


Friday, 1 January ※New Year's Day
Thursday, 11 February ※Japan National Foundation Day
Friday, 2 April Good Friday
Monday, 5 April Easter Monday
Monday, 24 May Whit Monday
Wednesday, 7 July Independence Day
Friday, 23 July ※Sports Day
Thursday, 23 September ※Autumunal Equinox Day
Tuesday, 3 November ※Culture Day
Friday,24 December Substitute for Christmas Day
Monday, 27 December Substitute for National day of Thanksgiving
Wednesday, 29 Decemember ※End of Year Holiday
Thursday, 30 December ※End of Year Holiday
Friday, 31 December ※End of Year Holiday
※ Japanese National Holidays


Monday, 3 January ※New Year Holiday
Friday, 11 February ※National Foundation Day
Wednesday, 23 February ※Emperor's Birthday
Monday, 21 March ※Vernal Equinox Day
Friday, 15 April Good Friday
Monday, 18 April Easter Monday
Tuesday, 3 May ※Constitution Memorial Day
Thursday, 2 June Queen's Birthday
Monday, 6 June Whit Monday
Thursday, 7 July Independence Day
Monday, 1 August Guadalcanal Second Appointed Day
Monday, 19 September ※Respect for the Aged Day
Monday, 10 October ※Sports Day
Thursday, 3 November ※Culture Day
Wednesday, 23 November ※Labour Thanksgiving Day
Monday, 26 December Substitute for Christmas Day
Thursday, 29 December ※End of Year Holiday
Friday, 30 December ※End of Year Holiday
※ Japanese National Holidays